About Us

Niel Jayasinghe, President

In 1998, Niel Jayasinghe found that he was inspired by the craftsmanship of historic homes. His vision was starting a home building company in the heart of Houston to build affordable, high-quality new housing in Houston, TX. Exemplary customer service remains a top priority for the company to this day. After almost 20 years, Niel's vision is still going strong and driving the operational philosophy of ANC Homes. Niel has 30 years of experience in the construction industry, 3 years as a building inspector, 3 years as a construction project manager, 10 years as a structural engineer, and almost 20 years as a Houston home builder. Niel has a Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering, a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, and an MBA.

Elizabeth Garcia, Office Manager

We welcome to the company one of our newest members, Elizabeth Garcia, as our Office Manager. In 1995, she earned her bookkeeping certificate from Texas State Technical College in Harlingen, Texas. She utilized her training in her first job, working as an office assistant for a mobile home sales office. She spent time working in customer service, and did bookkeeping for several years at a daycare. She decided to go back to college for her associates' degree in import/export, during which time she worked with an exporting warehouse.

Later, she decided to go back to college and get her bachelor's degree. During that time she worked at a law office. She moved to Houston in 2009 to seek better opportunities for her daughters. Once in Houston, she partnered with Texas Permits to learn how to read structural plans and expedite construction permits for any city or county. She worked with John Moore in 2013 as permitting clerk. She is here with ANC Homes doing the two things she mastered along her academic life: bookkeeping and permit expedition.